Founded by Paul Bracq’s family

“When I designed the Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda, I never imagined that it would be such a success nor that so many fans would celebrate its fiftieth birthday in 2013. When I’m asked to tell its story, I say that at that time, we were animated by an indestructible passion for the automobile and that our level of quality requirement led us to design this car which became emblematic of the Mercedes brand.
These values, I transmitted them to my children and this is with the same spirit, the pursuit of perfection in the work and with the same passion that my children have founded Les ateliers Paul Bracq, in order to provide the demanding fans of the cars that I once designed, a service of maintenance and restoration of high quality, true to the origins, and this way, to participate to keep alive the legend of these cars.” Paul Bracq

About Paul Bracq

our-historyAs a former chief of advanced design in Mercedes, Paul Bracq designed some of the Mercedes Classic cars: the Pagoda 230 SL, 250 SL, 280 SL, the W108 and W109, the 600… Then, he worked in BMW as director of the design and designed cars also remarkable such as the Turbo concept car.
Now based in Bordeaux, the city he was born, he goes on with his passion, and upon an initiative of his son Boris and encouraged by his wife Alice and daughter Isabelle, decides to create there les ateliers Paul Bracq, a place where the fans of the cars he designed could find again the essence of their origins through high quality services of restoration.

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Our services

our servicesPerpetuating the values of Paul Bracq, the team of Les ateliers Paul Bracq is first of all, composed of mechanics, engineers and craftsmen passionate by these Mercedes Classics and constantly looking for the perfection in their work.
Thus, whether you entrust your car to us for a mechanical maintenance, for a partial or a complete restoration, we will bring the same degree of quality requirement, true to the origins, in order to deliver you a service certified Ateliers Paul Bracq and make your passion for your Mercedes continuing.

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newAn event, a meeting, an exhibition, a conference… read the latest news about the Ateliers Paul Bracq and share with us our passion for these classic cars. You can also find more about the latest from us on our Facebook page.
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